Monday, February 04, 2008

Signs & Reasons

I believe in "signs." Not the directional kind but the spiritual, of-the-universe kind of signs. They don't just tell you where to go in the moment but they guide you in the right direction for life. I also believe the saying "things happen for a reason." It may not be a reason with which I am comfortable but there is ultimately a reason.

I have experienced my fair share of heartache in many areas of my life and to continue to believe this way has not been easy. However, the idea that life's events are random is more difficult for me to wrap my head around. There MUST be a reason for everything. Otherwise... why?

Today, I traveled to Chicago. Two flights were canceled and the third was delayed five times. Then I sat on the runway for over an hour in a plane full of disgruntled human beings. The events were outside of my control so there was no sense in putting a lot of energy into worrying or getting frustrated. And I thought there had to be a reason for my delay in getting to Chicago. There had to be something on the other end that was either worth the wait, in a big way, or a waste of my time.

Believing in the signs is one thing... Accurately interpreting them is something else all together. My initial interpretation was that it just wasn't meant for me to get here. But since I have been here, nothing but good things have happened. It's been a total ego boost.

Now as I sit here, unable to get home due to bad weather, I wonder if... maybe I'm not meant to go home.

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Pancake Master said...

Hey, it worked for Switchblade.

Uhh, sorta.