Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Have a Nice Single Life, Ma'am"

Last Sunday, I anticipated a rough week ahead. Job interviews, travel and the anniversary of my son's birthday lurked around the corner. Preparing myself mentally for the week was a futile effort. I could barely focus knowing what was in store for me combined with the egocentric, sociopathic bullshit I have been dealing with in my personal life.

Surprisingly, the week went well. I made it through my difficult anniversary without tears this year. It was a time of reflection but I wasn't a total wreck for the first time. My interviews were actually fun. The travel was hectic but the people-watching associated with it was entertaining and the alone time was much needed. And I ended up contracting with an agency in Kansas City for a while. Not to mention there seemed to be gorgeous men at every turn and my career ego got the boost I needed to proceed with some plans I have had in mind for a while.

In the midst of it, however, I received a phone call from a match-making service. Admittedly, I had wandered onto the service's website through a link on my Facebook page. It was advertised as dating for people over 30. I haven't had a date in quite a few weeks and my birthday is quickly approaching so I thought... WHAT THE HECK! I ventured on to the site, put in just enough information to browse through my potential dates' profiles and a page popped up that said, "GREAT EXPECTATIONS! A representative will be calling you shortly."


What did I do? I really just wanted to look around. I didn't want to buy anything... just a little window shopping.

Five days later in the midst of my crazy week, the representative called. The number came up on my caller-ID as unavailable but I figured it was my sister so I answered. Sheepishly, I explained that I really didn't want any more information on the service. She pestered me for a moment but I said I had changed my mind and was not interested.

Finally, she sighed loudly and yelled, "HAVE A NICE SINGLE LIFE MA'AM!" And she hung up on me.

"Hmm..." I thought. "I will!"

Silly woman thought that was an insult... It was JUST the encouragement I needed in the moment. While her tone was dispicable, her timing was impeccable. And now, I too have "great expectations."

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