Saturday, May 04, 2013

With a Little Help From My Friends

It is amazing how much you can get done in less than two hours with a little help. I have been learning how to ask for help over the last year but help is not always available. Sometimes help doesn't come in the form you think it will either.

Today, three students from Vianney came over to help around my house. They hauled trash, broke down boxes and took them to recycling, carried huge containers up and down the steps from my basement to my second floor, and cleaned up my front balcony. They even moved a massive couch and a table from the top floor to my basement, maneuvering narrow staircases and hallways along the way. It was a task I needed help with for months. Before 11AM, chores that had been awaiting completion for a very long time were finally done. And my office and art studio is almost free from stuff and ready to be used again.

I am so grateful for the help I received today and for my friend who arranged it for me. Next up... Painting. Who's ready.