Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being 40: Top Ten Differences Between Me & Nyjer Morgan

The 2011 NLCS shouldn't be about the bad or ridiculous behavior of one Milwaukee Brewer but it's always fun to have someone on the other team that riles you up a little bit and fuels the fire you have for your team. Kind of the same way that Nyjer Morgan dislikes the whole St. Louis Cardinals team. 

Just for fun I thought I'd see if Nyjer and I could be friends in another situation. Honestly, I did find some similarities. We are both loud. We are both confident. We have both dropped the F-bomb in a moment of excitement.  On the other hand, there are some pretty big differences. Here are the top ten differences between me and Nyjer Morgan.

10. Let's get the obvious ones out of the way. He's a man. I am a woman. He's not so tall. I am very tall. He's a cancer. I'm a Pisces.

9.  Nyjer hates the Cardinals. I love the Cardinals.

8.  Nyjer not only chews tobacco but he also throws it at people. I'd rather chew on cake or ice cream (as evident by my fabulous physique)and I am certainly not wasting it throwing it at other people.

7.  I respect the police. Nyjer taunts them.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

6. Nyjer has four alter egos: Tony Plush, Tony Hush, Tony Tombstone and Tony Gumble. I am just me. And I think that's enough.

5. I can spell.

4. I don't have to break into BEAST MODE to do my job well.

3.I don't have to steal the microphone to be heard. I am frequently hired to be on the mic. (

2. I've never been spanked by Pujols.

(US Presswire)

1. My team has won the World Series 10 times.


Patti said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about the fact that he's in the big leagues and he is more successful than you will or ever can be. Stupid Bitch.

Michele said...

So, thanks for reading! I have some thoughts in response to your comment. First, you have no idea how successful I am or will be in the future. Second, you're a little late with the feedback on a blog that was written in October of 2011. Third, I am guessing from the cowardly and overly assumptive nature of the comment that you are either a child or ill-educated. All said, I am still glad you dropped by to read. Come again!

barcman said...

Well someone's from milwaukee