Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All My Blogs

Since 2005, I have been blogging. Finding a way to express my inner thoughts whether others found them appropriate or not was incredibly therapeutic but I think blogging also really helped me develop as a writer. Over the years, I have crafted many types of blogs and some of them existed only for a season. But there are four that I currently maintain so I thought I would post them here for my followers. If you are looking for a little something to read, there are a lot of options. Also, if you are trying to figure out who I really am, this is a great way to do so. :)

As I Sing It has been up and running since 2005. It is a little bit of everything.
My Parent's Roommate conveys the stories of life in my 40s and living with my parents.
My main tumblr blog is probably updated the most. It's like snapchat that lasts forever. If you have no idea who I am as a human being, this might help
Finally, Thoughts Before Bed is not just the title for my Sunday Night FB posts, it is also a blog! It's kind of pretty and, someday soon, it will also be a book. :)


Friday, April 07, 2017

Thoughts on Leadership

You must be SELFLESS to lead.

You must be able to make a decision and stick with it to lead.

You must make decisions that are in the best interest of the whole and they must be steps toward accomplishing team goals.

You must have common sense to lead.

You must not create an environment of chaos and you must weed out the people who thrive on chaos.

You must be ahead of the news, the gossip and your organization’s reputation. And therefore, you must stay connected to people, to news outlets, to social media. Nothing should surprise you.

You must LOVE people and you must have a relationship with EACH of your people.

You must KNOW so you do not have to listen to the word of others to know.

You must be able to do the job yourself and you must be willing to do it at the drop of a hat if needed.

You must be the employee that you want your employees to be.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Education Philosophy

I am a teacher now. It still feels weird to say it. I started my career life as a sports writer, quickly transitioned to the advertising industry and, eventually, I became a teacher. In my short time educating others, I have developed my own philosophy of education. Here it is:

The number one goal of education should be to prepare young people to conquer the world. Educators must illuminate the possibilities for young people, expose them to open doors they are not yet able to see and encourage them to not only take life step by step but to leap toward dreams and goals that others might say are impossible.

As an educator, I have three goals for my work. First, I strive to build relationships that will not only help me understand the personalities of students and parents and colleagues but will also reveal the strengths and weakness upon which or around which we can build a path to success. Relationships are paramount to successful education efforts. Building some semblance of trust and understanding and living as transparently as possible allows my students to fully engage in the process of learning.

Secondly, it is my charge to provide a safe place where students are allowed to engage in delicate conversation, express themselves intellectually and creatively, and dare to wonder about what life could be or would be like if obstacles such as poverty did not exist. It is a safe place where the worries of every day can be addressed as needed or where they can be set aside in order to just dream for a bit.

Finally, It is my hope to build the foundation of my classroom upon the Socratic notion that the educator’s job is to teach students how to think and not what to think. I want to empower them to not only come up with the answers but to decide what the questions are. I want to put learning in their hands and their hearts, not just in their heads.

By focusing on building relationships, providing a safe place, and empowering young people, I hope that I am giving students what they need to, indeed, conquer the world.