Monday, September 13, 2010

101 Reasons to VOTE FOR MICHELE!

The journey to this point has been a bit emotional for me. But now that I am so close to actually singing on stage in Nashville, TN, I can't imagine not winning "Cornbread Idol." Yes, registration takes time, but once you sign up, you can vote for me once a day, every day and help me fulfill my dream. The back story of all of this will come out soon enough. For now, here are just a few reasons why you might want to vote for me.
  1. If you've ever had an "impossible" dream
  2. You've fulfilled your "impossible" dream so you know it can happen
  3. You regret not going for it
  4. You believe that it's never to late to make your dreams come true
  5. You don't fit the mold
  6. If you've ever done something that people said you couldn't
  7. If you believe in 2nd chances
  8. You know that if you had a 2nd chance you would take it too
  9. If you ever thought about starting over
  10. If you ever did start over and you know it's worth the fight
  11. If you are a parent who is teaching his/her children that they can do anything their hearts desire
  12. If you are the child of a parent who encouraged you to do whatever your heart desired
  13. You are my friend
  14. If I was ever a friend to you
  15. If you would like to be my friend
  16. You are my family
  17. You are like family to me
  18. You know that I love you
  19. You are an acquaintance
  20. You are a co-worker or a former co-worker
  21. You are a co-worker that would like to be a former co-worker (send me to Nashville!)
  22. You are returning a favor
  23. You are hoping for a favor in return
  24. You feel obligated
  25. You think it will make me stop emailing you
  26. You are a lurker on my blog or my twitter or my facebook page
  27. If I ever meant something to you
  28. If you insist that I mean nothing to you & you just want me to go away (see #21)
  29. You love me
  30. You hate me & you want to cancel out the negativity by doing something good
  31. You believe I am a good person
  32. You aren't sure if I am good but you are willing to give me a chance to prove that I am
  33. You believe in finding true happiness
  34. You know that sometimes it's about the journey & not what happens in the end
  35. You know that I would do it for you
  36. If anyone has ever told you, "you have such a pretty face"
  37. If anyone has ever told you that pretty isn't everything
  38. If anyone has ever told you that you're too old
  39. If anyone has told you that you're not old enough
  40. If you've always wanted to make your parents proud
  41. You hope to leave a legacy to your children
  42. And you want to be able to help provide for your aging parents
  43. You enjoy a really good story
  44. You have heard my other really good stories & you know I'll come back to STL with something worth hearing
  45. You have ever wanted to prove someone wrong
  46. Your life is a country song
  47. You just broke up with your ex, lost your dog or drank your last shot of whiskey
  48. You think I might be the only redeeming quality that country music will ever have
  49. You also wonder if Kris Kristofferson broke his leg jumping out of a helicopter (He will be there too!)
  50. You have ever shouted YEE HAW (even if you were liquored up)
  51. You are anything like me...
  52. You love Reese's peanut butter cups
  53. Ice cream is your greatest weakness
  54. You love the game of baseball
  55. You wear your patriotism on your sleeve
  56. The United States National Anthem gets you choked up
  57. You understand the story behind the National Anthem
  58. You know that the best part of the National Anthem is when the smoke clears and the flag was still there
  59. You played Division III sports so you know what it's like to play for the love of the game
  60. You went to college in your hometown
  61. You changed majors more than once while you tried to figure out who you wanted to be when you grew up
  62. You are still trying to figure out who you want to be & you're already grown up
  63. You remember what your first time doing anything felt like
  64. You wonder how this can possibly be your life
  65. You look in the mirror & think about who you could have been
  66. You look in the mirror & you wonder where that double chin & that gray hair came from
  67. You enjoy spontaneous road trips
  68. You think you could live your life out of a suitcase & be happy
  69. You wonder how people can live their lives out of a suitcase
  70. You've never taken a risk in your life that was worth taking
  71. You know that the best things in life come from taking risks
  72. Every day you wake up thankful that this is your life
  73. Every day you think "something's gotta give"
  74. Caffeine is the only thing that keeps you going some days
  75. You crave.... anything. 
  76. If it's hard for you to be selfish
  77. If you struggle to ask others for help
  78. If you would rather just do it yourself
  79. If you think it's better to give than to receive
  80. If you can never remind people that they owe you money
  81. If you owe me money (vote every day & we're even)
  82. If I ever made an impact in your life
  83. If I ever helped you
  84. If I ever cooked you a meal or cleaned your house
  85. If I kept your dog or your child while you were on vacation
  86. If I came to your wedding shower
  87. If I attended your wedding
  88. If I was in your wedding (then you should vote at least twice)
  89. If I came to your baby shower
  90. If I threw your baby shower
  91. You want to make a difference in the world
  92. You want to help me make a difference in the world
  93. You think timing is everything
  94. Music moves you
  95. You are passionate about anything
  96. You wish someone would lend you a hand
  97. Everybody else is doing it
  98. You believe you reap what you sow
  99. You are just a really nice person
  100. You can't help yourself
  101. You wish it was you...
Here's the link to register & vote for me If you sign up and click don't email me and don't share my email you will not get spam.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

a "personal" note just for you

a "personal" note just for you:

Thank you for keeping a watchful eye over me. Whether you're driven by obligation  or curiosity or genuine care & concern doesn't matter to me. In fact, in this case I believe that ignorance is bliss. I'd rather not know your motivation. I know you're here. There was a time when that would have made me certifiably crazy. But I've learned to take what others have to offer me.