Friday, February 22, 2008


At every turn, I seem to be confronted with the whole of my life. Not a piece of it. Not one aspect of it. Not a chapter. The whole damn thing.

Songs on the radio seem to be a reflection of my life. Stories on the news, movies on the Hallmark channel, challenges on MTV's Gauntlet III... all mirror images of my life.

Tonight I saw Avenue Q for the first time. First, let me say that I LOVED that show. Brilliant. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. But while it seemed to be every little dirty thing you ever imagined about Sesame Street and it addressed contemporary societal issues, it also seemed to tell my current life story.

There was a slew of unemployed characters, just like me. The first song of the show was "it sucks to be me" and I related completely. Then there was the friends who became lovers until "Princeton" decided he didn't want a girlfriend because he needed to find himself. Ah yes, I am familiar with this scenario. Of course the story wouldn't have been complete if sweet little Kate Monster (that's me) wouldn't have eloquently sung "Fine Line," schooling us all on the fine line between love and wasting your time. Kate's solo provided the AHA moment of the night. Those little muppets really captured the finer details of my existence these days.

As much as I try to avoid it, my life is everywhere. I'm wondering what the message is that God is trying to send me by placing reminders around every corner. Maybe it's obvious... I shouldn't avoid life? Or maybe there is something I am not seeing in the reality of it that I will recognize in others. Whatever it is, I hope I figure it out before I end up on Maury or Montel or Dr. Phil.

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Janet said...

Where does Gary Coleman fit in your life? ;)