Monday, December 08, 2008

Hello Again

Social networks have recently come under fire for not being social enough and not being very inclusive of all their members. But I whole-heartedly disagree.

My first foray into the social network scene came in a corporate environment where one of my biggest projects was a social network build from the ground up. Throwing myself into myspace and facebook and linkedin was a necessary part of the learning process. And eventually, I began to enjoy my experience.

Over the last few months, I have reconnected with a number of people from my distant past. Thanks to social networking, I am in the midst of pre-planning for my 20 year high school reunion with about 15 other girls that I went to school with and I have been afforded an opportunity to rediscover classmates from elementary school. Nearly two or three times a week, I email back and forth with old friends and old familiar faces who have become new friends.

My fascination with people and who they are or who they have become has been over-indulged. I find myself often a little teary-eyed because I am so proud to have known some of these people once I see the amazing people they've become.

In the years that passed between us there have been births and deaths, marriages and divorces, careers and adventures. Some are still in our hometown while others are two or three states away or more. Some are famous and others are infamous. And I am sure there's so much more that we will never talk about with one another. But there is a simple common ground. A tie that binds or at least brings coming back together somewhat easy and so incredibly enjoyable for me.

I know people who say they would never go back to high school or grade school and I know others who have no desire to ever see any of the people from their childhood again. And I probably have reasons deep down somewhere that might warrant that reaction. There were hurt feelings and embarrassing moments that I could stir up but...

We've all grown up. And we've lived our lives. And I think now, all that matters is that we have the chance to say hello again. To visit a while and maybe become friends.