Saturday, February 23, 2008


You know that feeling you get sometimes when you are on the edge of sleep and you are suddenly jerked awake? It is a falling sensation and it actually has a name... hypnagogic myoclonic.

Studies have shown that seventy percent of people experience hypnagogic myoclonic or hypnic jerks. So, that makes it normal, I suppose. Doctors say that people who have these episodes are over tired or usually fighting sleep. Others say that having too much on your mind or experiencing high levels of stress may be the cause.

I am one of the normal people who have had hypnic jerks once in a while. Seems I am a magnet for jerks... But I have found that they tend to be brought on my worry or concern or the thought that something is wrong. Sometimes, I just know things... you know? And until I can prove it or disprove it, whatever "IT" is, I can't rest. Then the jerking begins.

Most recently, I experienced chronic hypnic jerking while spending the night with a close friend. I have always had trouble sharing a bed. Unless I trust you implicitly, it is difficult for me to rest with you beside me, sharing covers. It's been tough on my relationships. Although, I suppose I should have recognized the inability to sleep beside a man as a sign that I should not be with him. (Aha moment...) But I never had a restful sleep in this last fellow's bed. And just when I would start to drift off... JERK! Wide awake again.

If only hypnogogic myoclonic occurred in the waking hours. Just before you're about to max out your credit card on socks and underwear... Moments before you say the wrong thing at the wrong time... About the same time Mr. Wrong (even for right now) orders another round of drinks... More jerks could equal less mistakes.

And in that case being a jerk magnet wouldn't be a a bad thing!

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