Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's Get Deep

Today is an anniversary of sorts for me. It's traditionally been a day of crazy sadness and most of the time I don't realize why I feel so off kilter until the end of the day. But today, I recognized the insanity immediately. Coincidentally, the 5 year anniversary of my blog just passed as well. Regular readers know that, normally, I serve up a list of favorite blogs for the anniversary. But, this year, we are going to "celebrate" both occasions with one list. This is going to get a little deeper as my list is not a list of favorites or the best blogs. The entries included here are of my "deepest" blogs. They speak to who I am at my very core and they tell a little bit of my story. Most of them were written in a time when this space served as my journal and the pages laid wide open for you all to share with me.

On this crazy-sad but exciting anniversary, here is a little bit of me.

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