Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reflective & True

I have a short list of legendary musicians who I'd like to see perform live in my lifetime. The list includes Billy Joel, Phil Collins, Madonna, James Taylor, Carole King and many more. Last night I was fortunate to kill two birds with one stone by seeing James Taylor and Carole King in concert together.

Their music is so reflective and true. From the time I was about 12 years old, I loved it. It brought a peacefulness to my world. I like to say that for every season of your life, there is a James Taylor song to provide the tune. And never has that been more true for me than right now.

This video is not from last night but it's a gentle demonstration of what I mean. Some of the lyrics follow.

So close your eyes
You can close your eyes, it's all right
I don't know no love songs
And I can't sing the blues anymore
But I can sing this song
And you can sing this song
When I'm gone
It won't be long before another day
We gonna have a good time
And no one's gonna take that time away
You can stay as long as you like

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