Monday, July 26, 2010

Precisely the Wrong Time

Did you ever wonder why you don't meet certain people sooner in your life or why your path averts the path of another until a seemingly precise juncture? I do. I wonder all the time. But more expressly when the timing seems to be precisely wrong.

I believe we are given many paths from which to choose and that, while our destiny may be predetermined, the route by which we get there is determined by us. But I also believe that along our journey we are given tools and guides and are presented with relationships that we need to get us through that leg of the journey or through the rest of the adventure. I don't believe in bad timing. We are given exactly what we need and who we need when we need it.

But it's confusing sometimes. Often, I've taken a step back to examine my life and questioned the introduction of a new friend or the reunion with an old friend. I've hesitated to welcome opportunities or the chance at a relationship because life is either going really well or it's too messy to start something different. And I've wasted a lot of time trying to figure it all out instead of just enjoying or enduring the moment.

I've been taught that for everything there is a season. Maybe that season is a week long and maybe it's a lifetime. But we don't have the luxury of knowing when things will start or end. No matter how hard we fight to control it all, we don't decide the seasons. We also don't get to weigh in on the other lives into which we are thrown. When others need us, a request doesn't show up on our doorsteps. It just happens.

So rather than wondering, perhaps we should just be aware and recognize. It may seem wrong or difficult or it may be one big party. But it all happens for a reason in the right season.

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