Sunday, February 12, 2006

Last Day on Earth

What would you do if you knew that it was your last day on earth?

If it was my last day on earth, I would take my dog to the park. We'd walk for a while. I'd smell the green grass and touch the earth one last time with my toes. I would stare up into the blue sky and allow the sun to kiss my cheeks once more.

I would eat peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

I would wear my favorite Webster U. sweatshirt that is so thin it isn't really a sweatshirt any more.

I would sing all day. I would sing to strangers on the street. I would sing to anyone who would listen.

I would smile at everyone I passed and thank all of those who need thanking.

I would find a comfortable spot to sit and with my phonebook in hand, I would call everyone in it. Each of them is listed there for one reason or another but he or she may not even know it. I would let each one know that I didn't have time to talk but... "I just wanted to let you know what you mean to me and what you have meant to my life."

And as the day drew to a close and dusk came, I would gather up everyone that I love in one room. I would look deeply into each one's eyes. I would memorize every face. I would touch them and hug them and feel them close to me one more time or maybe for the first time. I would tell them how intensely I love each of them and how my every waking minute was made better just for knowing them. I would ask for forgiveness, knowing that I am not the easiest person to love... or even to like.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most of us don't know what day will be our last. But if you did know... what would you do? Contemplating death, sometimes clarifies what is important to us in life.

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Janet said...

thank you for this.