Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hiatus Ending

Over the last few months, blogging lost a bit of its luster. When I first started this thing, people questioned the openness with which I wrote but I have long said I live my life like an open book, with nothing to hide and so much to share. So I typed away every month, offering my opinions and beliefs and ideas to the world.

When life is infused with strong emotions or excitement or drama, it's easy to blog. When you can make light of the not-so-great moments or make lemonade from your harvest of lemons, the words seem to flow from your fingertips. And it's fun. It's a release. Often times, it's therapy.

Then there came a time last month when it all suddenly seemed deeply personal. I could not share what was going on in my head and my heart with the people around me, much less blog.

But the hiatus is ending, my faithful readers. Today, I type. And again tomorrow. As I get back in the swing of things, my writing is either going to prove to be brilliant or it will completely suck. But I'm glad you're here and I will do my best to get my blogging tail in gear.

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Pancake Master said...

Well we're having a Jungle Juice & Crazy Hat double-header night at Tower Grove next Tuesday in your honor, so you'd do best to end your hiatus of hanging with the Squids for that, too!