Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Sisterhood

Sisterhood: the state or kinship of being sisters; sisterly companionship.

Women need other women. We must surround ourselves with females who will edify us, encourage us, pull us out of the depths of our own sorrow, lift our spirits, give us guidance. Women are the best friends to other women and the best teachers too.

It is through female relationships that women become powerful and strong and successful contributors to society. Only another woman can teach you to find value within yourself and only she can show you that your self worth is not wrapped up in what you do for a living, how many children you have or what man stands beside you.

Enrobing yourself in the sisterhood of women gives you inspiration to strive for what is better, offers you the opportunity to sit in the presence of a proud people and soak in the wisdom of years and experience and inherent knowledge that comes simply from being born female.

And once taken in by the sisterhood of womankind, you wonder why you ever fought it. More times than not, women are not rejected BY the sisterhood, they simply reject it for selfish reasons, most of which revolve around men. Men can give us many things but they cannot replace our internal need for other women in our lives.

If you commit yourself to female friendships, you will find an undying loyalty, unending concern and helpfulness and an eternal resource from which to draw what you need when you need it.

There's nothing like the sisterhood.

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Patti Day said...

You know it, sister!!