Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Apologies to Colbie Caillat

Dear Colbie Caillat,

You and I could have been forever friends had we met in the right space and time. Somehow the stars aligned in such a way that we crossed paths at the beginning of a pretty tumultuous time in my life.

Initially, I felt like your cd, "Coco," told the story of my life. I was feeling all "Bubbly" inside. I had found "Magic" in a man that seemed to be "Tailor Made" for me. Sometimes when we were together, I felt like I wasn't getting enough "Oxygen" but as soon as I let my "Feelings Show," the relationship became a "Battle." Eventually, I spent most of my time hoping he'd just "Realize" that we were meant for each other. And finally, it was just me and my "Midnight Bottle" lounging around on the couch missing all the "Little Things."

So, in an effort to cleanse myself from parts of the past, I had to destroy your cd. Rather than just tossing it in the trash or giving it to a friend, I had a special Valentine's Day ceremony in which I stomped the crap out of it until it scattered across the kitchen floor in pieces.

I am sorry. It had to be done. I wish we could have stuck together a little longer. Your music is fantastic and I loved singing along with you in my car. But eventually all that fabulous music simply served as a painful reminder.

And so, again, I offer you my apologies, Colbie Caillat. It was good while it lasted.

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