Sunday, March 16, 2008

Midnight Caller

Over the last few weeks, I've started sleeping in split shifts, thanks to my new friend, the Midnight Caller.

A little over a year ago, I had a secret admirer whose tactics were frightening. Notes duct-taped to the windsheild of my car or stuffed into the mail slot in my front door made me more than uneasy. Then my car windows were broken and odd things were taken, like socks. Nevermind all of the expensive items that I carelessly left in the back seat... Finally, the effort to garner my attention became so unnerving that I packed up, dropped my belongings in a storage unit and moved back to the security of my parents' home.

I am still living with my parents but a few months ago, I stayed at a friend's place for a few days while he was out of town. It was a huge test. Was I ready to live alone again? The first night was torture. I laid in bed, staring at the cieling for hours before exhaustion kicked in and I reluctantly fell asleep. But overall, the extended weekend went well. I enjoyed the time alone and feeling more in control of my day-to-day life. Afterward, I decided I was ready. So I have been looking for the perfect place.

Then, last week, the Midnight Caller starting harassing me. I only call him or her the Midnight Caller because the phone calls are only coming after midnight. The first night, there were three calls. The second night, there were two. Last night, just one... And once they start, I can't get back to sleep again.

I'm angry. I am slowly regaining control of the different areas of my life. The waters were finally calming and the boat seemed steady. And now, this stranger is rocking the boat again. So I have to revert to having my friends meet me at the door when we go out and walk me to my car and take all of the precautions I was advised to take last year.

There are other, more attractive, less scary ways to get someone's attention. Calling in the daylight hours might be a start.


Janet said...

That is terrifying. Can the calls be traced? I can't imagine what would compel a person to do that.

Michele said...

We are working on it. Seems to me someone who is "following" me online. Fantastic, huh?