Monday, February 02, 2015

Dear Sister, Welcome to the Tired Years

With only 28 days until you turn 40, sister, I feel like it is important to tell you some things that you may have not heard before...
Dear sister,

Welcome to the tired years. I realize that you have been falling asleep in random places for the bulk of your life but the 40th year of your life opens a new chapter of sleepiness. And although you have mastered the art of just going to sleep when you are tired, 40 allows you to lose the shame that comes with "early to bed." You are 40 after all. You are no longer some young spring chicken so folks expect you to go to bed earlier and not stay up all night. Yes, my dear, IT'S OK TO SLEEP NOW! Whenever and wherever. I will probably still take pictures of you though. And I will probably still post them online.



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