Thursday, February 05, 2015

Dear Sister, 40 Things You've Done

Just 24 days... WOOP!

Sister, you have accomplished so much in the last 40 years. I thought I should make a list.

1. Learned to eat solid foods.
2. Learned to crawl.
3. Learned that crying will get you almost anything you want. (This is an important skill for women.)
4. Learned to walk.
5. Learned to run.
6. Mastered the monkey bars.
7. Learned to read.
8. Aced elementary school.
9. Played high school basketball.
10. Graduated from high school.
11. Moved away from home all by yourself!
12. Earned a college degree.
13. Graduated from college while simultaneously planning a wedding.
14. Got married.
15. Stayed married.
16. Still married!
17. Worked for the same employer for 14 years. HOLY COW! I could never...
18. Gave birth to a wonderful little human being.
19. Volunteered numerous hours at church.
20. Delivered meals to those in need.
21. Ran your own Pampered Chef business.
22. Became an accomplished runner.
24. Won awards for your work.
25. Traveled the world.
26. Served as mom to a gigantic pet family.
27. Learned to drive!
28. Successfully owned a number of vehicles.
29. Bought a house!
30. Performed in front of many (as a child & as an adult in Tennessee!)
31. Survived a hurricane.
32. Said no to drugs.
33. Became a prayer warrior.
34. Supported every endeavor of your sister.
35. Devoted yourself to the upbringing of your son.
36. Became a really awesome mom.
37. Grew into an amazing daughter.
38. Made managing a home look like a piece of cake.
39.Survived 39 years!
40. Turned 40... well almost!



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