Friday, February 06, 2015

Dear Sister, 40 More

23 days until the 40th year of my sister's life begins.

Dear sister,

We talk about turning 40 or celebrating a 40th birthday. But we rarely talk about a birthday as a beginning. It is though. The day you turn 40 is the beginning of your 40th year. It's the beginning of at least 40 more years. That's a lot of time. Think of everything you have accomplished and how much more can be done in 40 more years. I bet that's overwhelming.

I am sure the world can wait a week for you to get started so take your time. But, I have made a list of 40 things, I think we should try to do some time in the next 40 years. And by WE, sometimes I mean just you...

40. Learn to drive an RV. (This could come in handy for our family road trips).
39. Learn to drive your own car. (I am not saying you necessarily don't know HOW to drive but your bumper might need a break from those fender benders. I'm just sayin'...)
38. Take more naps.
37. Run more marathons.
36. Eat more chicken. (Cows everywhere agree.)
35. While you're eating... Eat more cake. (I will gladly help with this.)
34. Get your Masters degree. (You keep saying you want to do it!)
33. Vacation on the beach.
32. Road trip down Route 66.
31. Visit Europe.
30. Shakespeare in the park.
29. A whole week in New York.
28. Take part in the 3-day walk for breast cancer.
27. Volunteer 4 times a year together.
26. Redo mom & Dad's family room.
25. Get pedicures.
24. And while we are at it, get manicures.
23. Go see a double feature.
22. Eat bacon sandwiches at Crowne Candy.
21. Trace the whiskey trail. (You can bring Ed for this one.)
20. Take Kirk to see the world's biggest tree house.
19. Detox. (This one is purely selfish. I fail every time I try.)
18. Go to a ballet.
17. Stalk Dwayne Johnson (Again, this is purely selfish. I just don't want to do this alone.)
16. See a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado.
15. See a concert on the lawn at the History Museum.
14. Enter a chili cook-off contest.
13. Throw a tailgate party.
12. Go see a MIZZOU football game.
11. Hire a limo to drive us around all day for no reason.
10. Work a lemonade stand.
9. Yoga.
8. Take a pole dancing class.
7. Take a cooking class.
6. Ride in a hot air balloon with dad.
5. Take a train through Napa.
4. Take mom wine tasting in Hermann.
3. Play catch on the Field of Dreams.
2. Host a massive fundraising party.
1. Keep on keepin' on.

OH MY GOSH... 40 more years. This is going to be fun.



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