Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dear Sister, Here's Some Man Candy

With only 30 days left until my sister's 40th birthday, I thought it was time to check out some hotties who are also OVER 40.

Dear Sister,

Enjoy the man candy.

Tim McGraw. He will be 48 this year and he has been married to the same woman since 1996. That's no small feat in show biz. This guy is a real good man.

And how about the adorable Matt Damon? He is 43 years old and just as yummy as he was when he played a kid genius in Good Will Hunting. He would not have to work for days to figure out my word problems, that's for sure!

Let's just stare at Paul Rudd for a minute. I don't think this 45-year-old gets nearly enough attention. He is cute, he is funny, and sometimes he makes me uncomfortable. But I still think he is lovely.

Patrick Dempsey will never not be a total sex pot. He is proof that you should maybe give the dorky guys a chance because deep inside there is a hottie just waiting to blossom. And he plays a doctor on TV which doesn't necessarily mean he is smart but he can play smart and sometimes that is all that matters!

 Dear John Stamos, if you and I ever hooked up, we would certainly have a FULL HOUSE. (I am sorry... Is that #inappropriate?) I have loved him since I was 13 but John just keeps on keeping on. Maybe it's that Greek yogurt he's been schlepping. Whatever it is, this man does OVER 40 right ALL DAY.

Sister I know you aren't surprised to see the better half of Brangelina here. This Missouri bred hunk of burning love seems to not only become a better human being as time passes but he also just gets more delicious. Like fine wine, this man can make all your problems disappear with that steamy squint of his. Stop it Brad. That's not fair to all the other guys.

If you don't already know who he is, sister, let me introduce you to Idris Alba. That smile will melt you faster that butter in a hot skillet. This man is DELIGHTFUL and always dressed to the nines. Over 40? Oh Lordy, yes! And looking good while he's at it.

Last but not least, MY man, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This man needs no words. Just look at him. Go ahead. It's ok. It's ALMOST your birthday. Mmm-mm-mmm. Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'? Whatever it is, it is HOT.

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