Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dear Sister, 40 is Freedom

In just 39 short days, my little sister will turn FORTY years old! The following is my day 39 blog and my 2nd wish for her birthday.

Dear sister,

In 39 days you will enter a phase of your life that is built for pure enjoyment. From the moment you begin to wear the big 4-0, you are officially free.

It took me 40 years to realize that all the trials and tribulations of life had purpose. I always believed that everything happened for a reason. And I was always fairly certain that it was all connected somehow. But I never fully understood how the exploration of my twenties and the discovery of my thirties would lead to absolute freedom in my forties.

Your 40th birthday will bring with it relief and an unyielding sovereignty. All of that time you spent figuring out who you were as a teenager and a twenty-something go-getter and the years of setting plans in motion toward the fulfillment of every dream you ever dreamed in your thirties will pay off. You will finally be the ruler of your life.

40 is Freedom, sister. No longer concerned with building your life, you can now just LIVE IT!

My wish for you today is that you will embrace the freedom of your forties whole-heartedly and just ENJOY the world you have created without worry or concern.

I love you,


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