Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear sister, 40 is Kind of Scary

37 days. until my sister turns 40...

Dear sister,

I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that 40 is a little bit scary. While it is liberating and it opens the door to an exciting new chapter of your life, 40 has a seriousness about it.

First of all, your health is uncomfortably in question. You have to get mammograms after 40. It's a yearly test just to make sure you don't have breast cancer which means that, for some reason, it is possible every year after 40 that you might have cancer. That's scary.

Some of us are lucky enough to have our first official stress test at 40 too. Again, nobody worried about my heart when I was 39. But ALL OF A SUDDEN, at 40 years old concern cropped up regarding the functionality of my heart.

Secondly, 40 equals ADULTHOOD at all costs. For me, in particular, 40 meant I had to finally grow up. Even though you grew up long before I did, there is a finality about 40 for all of us. You CANNOT be a kid any more no matter how tempted you are. This is the NO turning back point. You are grown, you must act grown and if you don't, people will talk about you. (Although some folks will talk about you no matter what.)

Finally, 40 is a clean slate. While that sounds enticing, it is frightening to think about how you are going to fill that slate. It implies there is work to do to find that happiness and freedom. So make a plan, sister. Don't just coast through 40. This is bigger than you realize.



Love, Sister

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