Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dear Sister, 40 is a Time to Dream

Four years ago, I prepared to turn 40 by blogging for 40 days until my birthday. Forty days from today, my little sister will turn 40. So for the next 40 days, I will blog for my sister. I will write everything I want her to know about being 40 and anything else that may come to mind.

I hope you will follow along and get ready to wish Denise a HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!

Forty is a time to dream.

Dear sister,

My sister Denise and I with my dog in the Badlands of South Dakota.
I never imagined being 40 years old and I certainly never imagined that my little sister would be 40.  But 40 was my favorite year of life to date! 

Some of my earliest memories are actually of dreams I had for my future. I had hoped to grow up, get married, have a house full of kids and build the American dream. As it turns out, all of that was not in the cards for me. However, one of my greatest joys has been watching you build your American dream. I am so thankful that you have been able to experience the thrill of being a wife and mother and that you were able to give our parents a grandchild to cherish. 

Turning 40 brought forth a revelation for me that I want to pass along to you. Dreaming isn't just for children. I realized somewhere on the route to this major milestone that I had been reinventing myself for years and that it was still ok for me to pursue my dreams. I learned not to be discouraged just because the dreams I had as a child may not have come to pass exactly as I thought they would. And I made a decision, roughly 40 days out, that my fortieth year was going to rock. There's a lot to be said for DECIDING to enjoy something before it happens.

So I made a plan for my fortieth year. I decided that I would volunteer once a month. I planned to spend more time having fun and less time worrying. I didn't map out every detail but I plotted it out in my head and began to dream it up in my heart. Indeed, 40 was the happiest year of my life.

Sister, as you embark on your fortieth year, my wish for you is many more years of dreams fulfilled. I hope that you will dare to dream in your fortieth year and that you will watch as your dreams continue to come true. It is never too late to do absolutely anything you want to do. 

I also wish for you a happiness beyond measure. I hope you experience joy in a way you never have.

I love you!


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