Monday, December 31, 2007


On the eve of 2007, I convinced myself that hopefulness was the route I would take into the new year. Reason upon reason seemed to stack up in support of my new outlook. 2007 was going to be MY YEAR! How exciting!

Years and years of good seeds that I'd sown into the lives of others and into this world would blossom into blessings. And a little light would shine on my life as goodness enveloped me.

The year didn't turn out quite that way. What a bumpy journey it was! There was some good which showed up in the form of people. Some of them were already in my life and they demonstrated their support and love and concern for me, reinforcing our relationships. Others were new arrivals but immediately showed themselves to be forever friends. If I had to live through 2007 once more, I would, but only to find my true friends again.

The rest of 2007? Thank God it's over. Time's up! Now get out of here! I need to clear my head and figure out how I am going to live from here on out. I'm thinking no more plans. I never stick to them anyway. And they are too hard to carry out when the rest of the world isn't on board. And no bold statements this year.

However, the beauty of 2008 is that for the first time in my life, I am starting fresh. I've got no man and no job and no place to live. But I am also debt free and I've got nothing tying me down. There's nothing holding me back, keeping me from really living anymore.

Tomorrow is just another day. I will wake up late, watch SportsCenter and eat something that's not good for me. And then I'll start writing my list. Not my list of resolutions. A great big "TO DO" list. I've got time. I'm gonna have some fun.

Happy New Year, y'all!

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