Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just Sell Lemonade

Suddenly unemployed, I've been occupying much of my time with my five-year-old nephew. He is one of the most loving children I have ever known. Throughout the day, he will come by just to give me a kiss on the cheek. Randomly, he offers up an "I love you" or an unsolicited compliment. It is nearly impossible to be in a foul mood when in the company of this child. Even when he misbehaves, it's difficult to stay mad for long.

Yesterday, we sat together on the couch for a couple of hours. We watched some television and talked and I sang to him a little. (He likes that and I take advantage because I know someday he won't want his old aunt singing to him.) Finally, I told him that I needed to get to work finding a job. He looked up innocently and said, "Aunt Michele, you spend too much time on that phone and on that computer." I told him that if I didn't get a job, all of the presents I get him would stop coming. And he smiled and sat quietly for a moment before saying, "I've got enough presents from you. Why don't you just get a regular job like taking tickets or working in the lemonade stand at the ballpark?"


Why don't I? If I am just working for a paycheck, why not just sell lemonade at the ballpark? And if I am not just working for a paycheck then what is my passion? And how can I do that for a living?

If only I got paid to sit beside my nephew and sing...

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