Monday, March 27, 2006


Big, red, comfy couch for sale!

It’s the perfect, pillowy couch. Long enough for my 5 foot, 10 inch frame to take a Saturday afternoon snooze but no to long to fit in a small city apartment… Soft and cushy enough to sink safely into without the threat of slipping so deeply into the cushions that you need help getting out… It really is the perfect couch. So perfect in fact that I can’t help but sit on it. I almost feel bad if I don’t. My backside naturally gravitates to it the moment I walk through the front door. My body craves it!

With that perfect couch around, I can’t get anything done. I try to resist its magnetic pull but every night I end up right back there… sitting or laying or leaning on the couch. I have even tried to stack things up on it so there’s no room for me but somehow I wiggle between the stuff and find enough space for my behind.

So the couch must go!

Big, red comfy, couch for sale… if you can get me off of it, you can have it!

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