Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Constant Parade

Entering South Beach is like walking into another world. The area boasts a culture all it's own, a conglomerate of the immigrants that have taken up residence there. And on every street, in every moment, on every day, there is a parade.

Whether you are reading on the veranda of your art deco hotel or dining at a beach-side cafe on Ocean Drive, you can enjoy the constant pageantry of the city. Lambroghinis and Hummers and Mercedes of every kind driven by fashionable dressed men and women wearing expensive sun glasses line the streets. Walking up and down every block, people dressed to the nines march by in a hurry to go nowhere... or anywhere, just to be seen.

There is a lot of "being seen" being done in South Beach. And while you may be seen, you may not get any real attention. The competition is stiff down there. Beautiful people are the norm. They are everywhere. And with the exception of the numerous pairs of perky ENORMOUS breasts that you face everyday on the street, most of that beauty seems natural. The beauty comes in various types and flavors. Tall, short, male, female, Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, European, fat, skinny, pleasingly plump, gay, straight... There is something beautiful for everyone there, debunking the belief that beauty can really even be defined.

It is an incredible place. And if you are a fan of parades, you should visit. Find a seat and enjoy the show!

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