Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Patience. It's not my strong suit. You would not know it because I have always believed if you act like you have something long enough you will eventually have it. But I struggle in the process.

I struggle on the road when the cars up ahead will not clear a path to my destination when I am running late again. I struggle at the store when I'm caught behind a shopper with a cart full items that were neglected by the clerk who was in charge of tagging prices. I struggle as I sit in class and listen to the seemingly endless stories of my fellow students. I struggle as I listen to my mother tell the same story for the third time in an hour. 

I pretend to let pushy, relentless cars into the line during the hour-long wait on the highway costumed as a parking lot. I pretend to engage in joyful conversation with the grocery gatherers who surround me in the checkout lane. I pretend to listen earnestly in class. I pretend to hear every repeat story for the first time. I pretend my way through the struggle.

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