Tuesday, November 06, 2012

God Bless America

Today, Shiloh came home from the groomer with an American flag bandana wrapped around her neck. I didn't need the reminder of what an important day it was in our country. Shortly after I picked her up, I voted in the election for the next president of the United States. Unless I am in the company of like-minded thinkers, I tend to keep my political beliefs to myself. I don't need to add politics into the conversation mix. I am fully capable of angering folks without it. But I will say this...

I wish the campaigning had not been so hateful this time around. And I wish the supporters of various candidates hadn't been so hateful. I think there is a fine line between staunch support and hatefulness. I think we need a new rule. If you wouldn't say it (whatever "it" is) about your mother or or grandmother or the person most near and dear to your heart, you shouldn't say it.

I do hope that everyone got out and cast a ballot today though. No matter who that ballot supported. What a patriotic effort! What a great day to be an American! God Bless America.

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