Friday, November 02, 2012

Trick or Treat

On Halloween night, a teenage girl in Michigan carried a bucket door to door collecting candy for a 10 year old boy in Missouri. A boy whom she did not know and may never meet.

Due to our extended trip to New York, my nephew missed Halloween. Amongst the horrors and painful stories that came out of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey and all along the east coast, a night of trick or treating did not seem important or even appropriate. But it would have created a welcome diversion from the panic and the daily efforts to get home.

As we chronicled the extra days online, our friends shared our nervousness. They sent encouraging messages and offered thoughtful prayers for a safe return. And one friend, sent a note offering to Trick or Treat in honor of Kirk. It touched us deeply. Something small and simple can have a profound effect on someone.

While my nephew will never forget the trip to New York or Hurricane Sandy, he will also never forget the box of candy that arrived in the mail when he got home. The box that came from a family he did not  know and may never meet.

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