Sunday, November 26, 2006

Call it Like I See It

Some say that it's all in the approach... Some say it's tone or timing... I just tell it like it is.

Quick-wit and humor are often coupled with the uncontrollable habit of blurting out exactly what one is thinking. There are some who feel badly about it. But for most people "blessed" with this "curse," that is quite simply, WHO THEY ARE. I am one of them.

If I do say so myself, there are moments in which I am stupendously and almost unbelievably funny. But my humor comes from my life experiences and my ability to spin some of my most troubling times into a bearable and laughable story. I can laugh at myself. And, quite frankly, I have no problem laughing at others.

When I am not laughing at myself or those around me, I tend to quietly and not-so-quietly comment on the goings-on around me. The happenings could involve someone's cooking or child-rearing. Perhaps my comments surround someone else's inability to think of anyone but themself. But... I comment. And many people do not find it funny at all. It's not always meant to be funny though. It's a comment.

You might say, as many before you have said, that it is not my duty or responsibility or even my RIGHT to comment on whatever I feel like commenting on. But to be honest with you, if I don't say it in the moment, I am going to say it later. And I feel that it is far nobler to say what you have to say in front of your topic of conversation rather than talk about someone behind his or her back.

But you might hurt that person's feelings. Anyone who knows me, knows also that most of what I do in life, I do in love. Rarely do I act out of hatred or spite. No matter the motive, however, I feel it is better that others hear what I think FIRST HAND so as not to cause confusion going through third party channels. I call it like I see it , in front of you.

It is not that I am ignoring feelings or that I am COMPLETELY tactless. I am not. I am sensitive to timing and present company and the questionable appropriateness of certain topics. But I don't hold back with my family and friends because that is who I am.

Talking behind someone's back is dangerous. It plants seeds of doubt surrounding one's character. It can stir up confusion. And often it turns into a great big game of telephone leaving the truth of the matter in its distant past.

So I prefer to tell it like it is, to call it like I see it. That's just who I am.

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