Monday, March 18, 2013

Facebook Hiatus

Dear Facebook friends,

After weeks of careful consideration, recent events have confirmed that a vacation from Facebook is in order. This has been a difficult decision for me because I find tremendous joy in many of my connections on Facebook. I both blame and credit the social media platform for reuniting me with friends and family I had been separated from for a long time.

Reading about the major milestones and minor happenings in all of your lives enriches my life experience and often overwhelms me with gratefulness. It also pains me at times, pulls at my heart strings, reminds me how important it is to pray without ceasing and pushes me into action when others are in need. I don't know if the Facebook experience can be wholly and properly explained in words. It is an experience that, for me, engages every element of my being at times.

However, Facebook has robbed me of a lot of time. It has pilfered my face-to-face and voice-to-voice time with many of you. It has watered down the things that mattered most before Facebook and it has created an obstacle to growth in so many ways. I need more time to spend with actual people and not just avatars and statuses and online photo albums. I need to write instead of getting trapped in a vicious cycle of candy crush saga. I need to live my life.

I realize that many of us have just started our relationships either for the first time or after a long period of time apart. My departure from Facebook is, in no way, a reflection on you. Believe me, we would not be connected on Facebook if I didn't find at least a bit of fabulousness in you. And I hope when I return, you will still be on my friend list and I will be on yours.

I will still be blogging, both here and on tumblr. Hopefully, I will be blogging more frequently. Those blogs will still autopost on Facebook so you can keep up with my Facebook hiatus if you'd like. I hope to start a couple of new blogs during this time as well as get my children's book published and complete the fictional novel that is sitting on my life's back burner.

And if you really want to know how I am, instead of making assumptions based on a Facebook status or a tweet or a pin on Pinterest, you can reach me via email and by phone. I will have more time for conversations in the coming days so don't hesitate to call or meet me for lunch or dinner or ice cream.

Until we meet again Facebook friends...

All my best,


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