Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dad Called

For years, every time I called my parents' house, conversations between my dad and I would last little more than ten seconds before he handed me off to my mom who sat nearby. My dad, like many men, has never been a big phone talker. Lengthy conversations have always been reserved for my mom.

But as they have aged, roles have reversed a bit. Chats with my dad now last upwards of three minutes and often include short anecdotes from his day while my mom is often distant and short. While my mom once served as the information gatherer and would report back to dad regarding the events of my day or my week, she now takes a back seat to my dad who has taken on the role of lead reporter.

The other night, my dad called me. He had been out for dinner with my mom and my aunt. On their drive home, they stopped at a store to do some quick shopping. While the ladies went inside, dad stayed in the car and, to pass the time, he called me to talk. It was a milestone in our relationship.

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