Saturday, April 21, 2012

A New Season

Procrastination is my worst enemy. There are days when I have 5 or 6 ideas for new blogs but I wait to write them thinking I will do so when I have more time to flush out the idea. A consequence of that has been blank pages on this blog for far too long. So let's catch up. And let's agree to meet here more often.

A couple of months ago, I closed out my 40th year with a sputter. Looking back, preparing to turn 40 by writing a blog for the 40 days leading up to my birthday was the best thing I could have done. I mapped out the expectations of my year and they were grand and exciting. My 40th year fulfilled every expectation. I could not have asked for a better year. Everything I hoped for came to pass.

Self-fulling prophecy? Well... let's just say it was. How does that affect how I proceed in life. If I have the ability to plan for greatness and great things happen, why not do that all the time? Why reserve it for the 40th year of my life?

My 41st birthday seemed less important because it wasn't one of those milestone birthdays that typically receive a lot of fanfare. So I didn't plan for it or prepare for it or set outrageous and amazing goals for it. In fact, when it rolled around, I was depressed. I felt lonely and spent a lot of time alone. Hmm... maybe there is something to this idea of self-fulfilling prophecies after all.

The good news is that its never too late to turn things around. I have entered a new decade in my life. There are often days when I wish I could go back 20 years, carrying with me just a smidgen of the knowledge I have today, and live life differently. Instead, I am going to start from today and move forward. (It's the only real option anyway.)

In my 41st year, I hope to witness greater happiness for the people around me. I will sing more. I will laugh more (if that's possible). I will share in the joys of new beginnings. I will make dreams come true. I will continue to add people to my life who edify me and remove those who tear me down. I will LIVE LIFE instead of watching it pass me by. I will build up my frequent flyer miles! I will eat more fruit. I will have more love in my life than any year previous. I will forgive myself. And I will forgive the ones I blame for holding my back. I will look back on my 41st year and think "Ah, what a year!"

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