Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old, fat, single lesbian...

I am 37 years old.

I am single.

I do not conform to society's belief that all women should be skinny.

So I am obviously a lesbian.

Normally, when an inaccurate assumption is made about me, I just correct the error and move on but the other night I was told that some people from my recent past believe that I'm gay. What an injustice to lesbians everywhere! And what a shock to me!

Being called a lesbian is not an insult. I suppose there are still some folks out there that think it's a bad thing to be gay but I'm not one of them. So I am not insulted in the least bit. But I am disappointed that people whom I believed had a genuine interest in me as a friend never took the time to get to know me. And I am more gravely disappointed that my forward-thinking friends believe that a woman who is 37, fat and single must be gay.

I am 37. And proud of it.

I am single. By choice, not by chance.

I am a curvy gal. Who probably should drop 30 lbs. but can't find the time.

So I am obviously a 37-year-old, single lady with a little more to love.

But I am not a lesbian. Sorry girls!

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