Monday, September 01, 2008

Reminders, Rewards, Resolution

I spent my last official weekend of summer with my girls. My girls are my two Goddaughters who are 17 & 16. For the last 15 years, I have helped raise them. And at times, like this weekend, they have helped raise me.

Every time I am with them, I am reminded of how far we've all come. But this weekend, we talked about our beginnings more than normal and about their Uncle Joe, my first love and the man who brought the girls into my life. I hadn't thought that far back into my past in a long time. It was fun to reminisce.

The weekend was personally rewarding. I look at them and I'm in awe at how far we've all come, the obstacles we've hurdled and the future that awaits all three of us. When my girls became MY girls, they were babies. Now they are young women. Ballplayers, just like I was... Intelligent. Strong. Self-assured. It makes me feel good because I know that if I didn't have a hand in all of it, I had at least a finger or two!

It was the first weekend in quite a while that I wasn't out partying at least one night. And that was ok with me. My girls reminded me how much I loved mothering them and just spending time with them. And I think I might be ready to retire the party girl. Not forever. Just most of the time. And I think I might be ready to try again to have a couple of kids of my own.

Then my girls can help me raise my kids. Or at least be an example of the possibilities.


Andrew said...

Now that's a very cool post - I wish you all huge amounts of happiness. If you're looking for an amazing women - interview Wendi - my wife - she's awesome - 3 kids - career - crazy ass husband and she loves to write.

Sending good things your way


Michele said...

Thank you, Andrew!