Monday, September 22, 2008

"Fashion Week" in New York

They say that New York is the fashion capital of our country but in my week long stay, I saw more fashion disasters than I did trends. I now think that perhaps New York is just an excuse for people to wear whatever they want and call it fashion.

My fashion revelations from the week:

1. Cowboy boots with shorts are better left to Lea Thompson in the big screen hit, Some Kind of Wonderful. Or, to anyone who is currently living in the year 1987.

2. Just because it's all one color... that doesn't mean it goes together.

3. Not everyone should wear leggings. If you choose to wear them against your better judgment, please wear a shirt or dress that comes to just below your hips and spare the rest of the world the up close and personal view of your more personal regions.

4. Underwear alone is only good for the naked cowboy.

5. There should be less t-shirts in the world that say "Princess" and "Fuhgedaboutit" and more shirts that say, "No, I don't want a bus ticket, a Jesus pamphlet or a pass for tonight's comedy show."

6. Gay is NOT a fashion statement.

7. Unless you are a rockette in training or enduring rigorous training to build up your calves, stilettos and sweats equal a great, big "NO."

8. A scarf is not a universal accessory. Neither is a sequenced beret.

In no way am I claiming to be a fashion example for others. I'm just a little disappointed by New York. My expectations were so great and many of the people here failed the trendy test miserably.


Dana said...

Hysterical. I may print this out and stick it on my fridge like a Dear Abby column.

Michele said...

thanks! i cleaned it up a little. sometimes i have sloppy fingers...