Thursday, July 10, 2008

Less Than Fortunate?

The history of the fortune cookie is long disputed. Some say that during the 14 century fortune cookies were used to deliver secret messages regarding an uprising to overthrow the Mongols. Others trace the cookie's origin to 19th century Japan. Most of my fortune cookies come from a tiny Chinese restaurant on South Kingshighway in St. Louis.

The messages inside have varied throughout the years but most tales confirm that most fortune cookie messages spread good will and tell of good things to come or they are filled with words of wisdom. I found a database of fortune cookie messages and they included things like:

Every decision you make tomorrow will be a good decision.
You will travel to many places.
Broke is only temporary. Poor is a state of mind.
Dream lofty dreams. As you dream, so shall you become.

Fortune cookie messages also offer Chinese lessons for those who are eager to continue their education while trying to hang onto their fried rice with their chopsticks. And, if you have used up all of your lucky numbers, you can find numbers for your next lottery ticket.

Tonight, I got a fortune cookie with my dinner. Like most people, I saved my cookie for dessert. As I cracked the cookie open and looked inside,I realized it was empty. Fortuneless. Nothing.

What does a fortuneless fortune cookie mean? Is there a message in the fact that there's NO MESSAGE? Perhaps it means that I am already so fortunate I don't need more good fortune. Or maybe my luck has taken a turn for the worse!?! Or maybe it means the future is up to me...

Hmm... I'll take that. The hidden message in my cookie probably means there's an uprising coming, just like in 14th century China. Only instead of overthrowing the Mongols, I'm overthrowing the past. And the future is up to me.

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