Monday, July 07, 2008

know me

I've long said that my biggest frustration in life is that people don't really know me. They borrow impressions from others or make assumptions rather than taking the time to know me.

I suppose I've always assumed that others take as much of an interest in really knowing people like I do. My fascination with others started at a very young age. My parents have always told me that I was drawn to kids who were different from me. And that holds true to this day.

There's something innate that drives me to discover people and not simply get to know them. While school never was my "thing," I love to learn, especially about others. Where do they come from? Who do they come from and who are their people? What excites them about life and what bores them? What do they want to be when they grow up? Are they making dreams come true? Who were they before I met them? And what are they not telling me that will explain their quirks and foibles and every day stuff that just makes them THEM?

That scares some people. They question my motives. But I promise it's merely curiosity. I like meeting knew people but I love finding out who they are. Sometimes I am disappointed that the presentation is not nearly representative of the real person. But most times my fascination proves valid and I am warmed and surprised by the depth of the people I meet.

I am convinced that the story behind each and every one of you is a story worth telling. There is something about you that is interesting and dynamic and impactful. The world should know who you are. And if they can't, then at least I want to...

I don't expect everyone I meet to google me or read my blog or do the research to discover me as I might them. But sometimes I think it might be nice. I am the kind of person about whom others make assumptions. But I am who I am and you get what you see and it really is that simple. There are no hidden agendas, no manipulative motives, no mincing of words.

I have a new friend who seems to really get me. I'm sure he hasn't googled me or read either of my blogs. I know he's never seen me sing anywhere or watched me play volleyball (at which, I might add, I am phenomenal). But he sees me. Recently he smiled at me and told me that what he likes about me is that I am real. At a loss for words, I chuckled with relief. Yes, I am... I am so real that it's scary sometimes.

Perhaps getting to know me is a lot less work than most people think.

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