Friday, November 09, 2007

Mind reader

I have a friend that I swear has mind-reading abilities. He insists it isn't true and that he is merely a student of human behavior. But his timing is unbelievable at times.

There have been days when I've thought it might be nice to have a mind reader in my life. Then I could stop verbalizing how I feel and what I want.

Remember that Mel Gibson movie, "What Women Want?" He got electrocuted in the bathroom and suddenly he could read the mind of every female he encountered. At first, he planned to use his ability for evil but in the end, good prevailed! And Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt lived happily ever after. And it was fabulous! And I thought, I need a man who just KNOWS what I want so I never have to tell him and worry about being rejected or looking silly ever again.

Shortly after seeing that movie, I started thinking about what I was thinking about all the time. I'd sit in a meeting or in a restaurant or at a ballgame and hope that there were no mind readers nearby. And I realized that I have no control of my thoughts and maybe having a mind reader in my life isn't such a good idea.

I think what this woman wants is someone who is on the same page. Someone who can't read minds but who somehow knows.

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