Friday, November 09, 2007

I have two roommates...

I have two roommates... and sometimes I call them "mom" and "dad."

They're older and, I suppose, wiser. They go to bed early and sleep late. They eat dinner at 4:30 every evening. Sometimes, they go for walks and, when they do, they hold hands. They love to go on bus trips. Bus trips to anywhere... In fact, they've been travelers as long as I've known them.

We don't have much in common except for our love of baseball and music.

They watch a lot of television. And they eat German food. They love to shop at Costco and, every week, they make a special trip to the same store to buy lottery tickets. (Ah, something else we have in common.)

They are uncomfortable with modern technology. If they want to use my computer, they call me and I give them step by step instructions... just to turn it on. They read the newspaper every day. They eat donuts and banana nut muffins and they leave the coffee in the coffee pot for days at a time.

They used to be the neatest, tidiest people I ever met. They kept the house spotless. But I guess with all that age and wisdom came the realization that there are only so many hours in a lifetime and you shouldn't spend them all cleaning.

I moved back in with my parents a year ago, for various reasons. And I am seeing them differently then I ever did before. Obviously, I have grown up and my perspective is different but I don't remember when they got old. It must have happened when I wasn't looking. They are so different than I remember as a child. And I am glad I have had the opportunity to get to know them again.

I have learned a lot from my roommates. Above all else, they have shown me in the last year how important companionship is. Just having people near you, with you, beside you... to share in your every day... to eat muffins and watch baseball and occasionally take a walk... Life really isn't about stuff. It's about you and your people.

I never thought I would enjoy having roommates. And while I think I am ready to get back out on my own, this last year hasn't been all that bad.

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