Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Man's Dream Come True

Last week, I became every man’s dream come true. As if the myriad of qualities I have to offer weren’t enough, I ventured into territory that solidified my stance as a dream girl. For three days, I was under doctor’s orders to BE QUIET. No talking. Not even a whisper. What a dream come true, huh?

Keeping my mouth shut for an hour is a challenge but three days in silence seemed to be "Mission Impossible." My cell phone lives in my pocket and while at work I prefer to communicate via email, I CANNOT resist the office chatter. I am the girl who strikes up a conversation with strangers waiting in line at the grocery checkout. And when I am not talking, I am singing. You know that old saying "use it or lose it?" Well, if my voice box was union, it would be getting paid time and a half all the time. It is used… and probably a little abused.
I think you get the idea. But I have to make one more point… it’s not that I can’t be quiet. I just prefer not to be quiet. I am a woman of opinions that I like to share.

My pen and notebook became my best friends. I went to get gas and I had to pass a note to the guy at the register. "$15 on 18, please… And a powerball ticket." He looked at me like I was nuts but I bet after I left, he thought about how nice it would be if his woman could only pass notes.

Think about it. The nagging would only come as fast as she could write. And it probably wouldn’t seem like nagging without the sound effects. She wouldn’t be able to say no. She could nod but again… nodding no isn’t as powerful as saying it. His opinion would be the right one for maybe the first time in their relationship. He could talk baseball for hours on end without and interruption or change in the subject.

So for three whole days, I was every man’s dream come true.

I am happy to report the voice is back and I am talking. With less frequency and at lower decibels but… I am talking. And, if I say so myself, I think I am still pretty damn close to a dream come true.

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David Todd said...

I really think I would enjoy you always having your voice. Some dreams aren't for everyone.