Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fire Factor

Fire is fascinating. Entangled reds and oranges and yellows flicker brightly, inviting you to touch it. The heat of the flame intensifies as you get closer to it. A crumpled piece of paper disintegrates in seconds with soft crackles and pops. It’s fascinating.

But, if you touch it, you’ll get burned.

And you know that you shouldn’t touch it but the temptation comes over you almost every time you get close to the fire. As a child, resisting the temptation is almost impossible. As an adult, avoiding the fire is common sense.

I have been playing with fire for a few years now and I didn’t even realize it until a friend pointed out my charred fingertips and my scorched ego. This fire is as fascinating as the real thing. Entangled humor and intelligence and good looks invite me. The heat of the flame creates an intense connection.

But every time I touch it I get burned.

And every time, I’m fascinated. I think it will be different. Maybe I can get really close… close enough to feel the heat but not get burned.

Fire is no respecter of persons. It gives no consideration to its surroundings. Fire heats and lights and cooks… It does some wonderful things. But if you touch it, you’ll get burned.

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