Thursday, June 22, 2006

Find the Funny & Accept Yourself!

Earlier this week a colleague commented that I am funny because I can laugh at myself without seeming… sad.

Laughing at yourself in a healthy manner is a sign of true acceptance. It is also representative of your ability to pull your life into perspective, to know what’s important, what’s not and what can provide a little FUNNY now and then.

In my life, there’s not much that is off limits. Bad hair days, bad choices in men, the very bad (& seemingly SLOW) sagging of my backside… It’s all fair game. And the funny comes in the reality of each situation. The humidity of St. Louis causes my hair to frizz out on any given day and while the actual hair may be laughable, it’s the agony of trying to tame that frizz down to a level acceptable for public viewing that provides the funny. My incompatibility with nearly every man living in the St. Louis metro area would be sad, if not for the funny that can be found in the reason why we’re not compatible. (And that reason is actually a laundry list that includes “I was graduating from high school when he was cutting his molars,” “The span of his ass is equal to the width of my left thigh,” and many other favorites.) As for the saggy butt… the visual alone should be enough to give you a chuckle.

Laughter truly is the best medicine for a healthy heart, for plucking yourself from the throw of a depression or for tightening up your abs. But finding the funny in a situation may also be the key to truly accepting who you are.

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I think cake is funny