Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A White Horse and Glass Slippers

Fairy tale endings don't happen to everyone. In fact, you may think they don't happen to anyone. That is, afterall, why they are called FAIRY TALE ENDINGS, right?

I submit to you that perhaps art does indeed imitate life. How is it that one mind could imagine such fantastic endings if they have never happened before? And if the mind is capable, as we have seen in the sciences, of imagining the unimaginable; of creating an existence that has ceased to exist previously; of authoring an ideal that is contrary to reality... then maybe life imitates art.

Either way, I have decided that I want a fairy tale ending. Secretly, I think all girls want one. I want something unexpected, spontaneous, surprising. I am not easily surprised but that's how fairy tales work. And I think if a guy is able to surprise me then I will know he is worth the work. And I will know he is willing to do his share of the work too.

The unexpected, spontaneous fairy tale ending happens in the movies all the time. And sometimes it's just a spontaneous ending. You could see it coming a mile a way. But it is always good and sweet and wonderful just like a fairy tale, without the white horse or the glass slippers. I want one of those endings.

Oh Michele, you silly girl, that only happens in the movies or in fairy tales. And you, Michele... You are just not that girl. The good and sweet and wonderful doesn't happen to girls like you.

Maybe. Or maybe not. A girl's gotta dream right? And at ALMOST 35, I might as well dream big. I might even start wishing for that white horse and the glass slippers.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, but maybe that is why I am still single too....waiting for that fair tail.