Thursday, November 17, 2005

Even though

We all have EVEN THOUGH situations in our lives. Some are healthier or more reasonable than others. Some are downright destructive and we shouldn't put up with them. An EVEN THOUGH situation is one in which you are willing to put up with the "cons" in order to benefit from the "pros."

You may not realize the weight of the EVEN THOUGH situation until you are presented with an opportunity to get out of it. Then, you are forced to weigh the pros and cons. This opportunity challenges you to decide if the pros are indeed so incredible that they make the cons bearable. And often you may find that the cons dramatically outweigh the pros or visa versa. So the decision to take the new opportunity is easy. On the other hand, discovering that there's a balance in the scale, that neither one outweighs the other can make the decision-making process excruciating.

Today I am faced with the possibility of having to weigh the pros and cons of an integral aspect of my every day life. Preliminary thoughts have nearly brought me to tears. There may be an opportunity for me to relieve some of my daily stress, caused by pettiness and the unrealistic perspective of others, but it would be at the expense of a level of comfort that I have never felt before. It would also mean less time with some people who have become very important to me in my daily life.

So I ponder. Can I survive the EVEN THOUGHS if I don't make a change? Or will my life be richer, fuller and more enjoyable if I make this change and leave all these EVEN THOUGHS behind?

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