Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Truth of the Matter

Some people say that there are two sides to a story: your side and everything else. Others say there are three sides: your side, my side and the truth. But I believe that in the end, there is only one real truth to every story.

When we share an experience or a belief with others, we tell it from the perspective of the heart and the depths of our emotions. Our feelings are real. Our beliefs are strong. Our personal truth is powerful. But sometimes it's incomplete.

I don't think we always intentionally leave parts out. It is nearly impossible to recount, second by second, the events of our lives. But we do omit details and those details help compete the whole of the truth.

In fact, I am consciously leaving out bits and pieces in this blog. There are stories behind this story that helped me come to this conclusion. I've recently heard through the grapevine that others are trying to make me out to be someone that I'm not. But I don't think it would be fair to air it our for all to read when I have no intention of airing it out with the people involved.

The truth of the matter is that you believe what you believe. And so do I. But there is only one truth in the end. Just one. It consists of your story and my story and all the details we've left out when we've recounted it all to others.

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