Sunday, August 10, 2008

40 Years of Sports

This morning, over breakfast, I had the pleasure of listening to a conversation between my parents. They were discussing the Cardinals. My mom is concerned about the longevity of the bullpen and questions some of the recent coaching decisions. My dad, a true pessimist, is convinced that ownership is throwing this season away.

My parents have been married for forty years. A feat greater than anything sports-related in this time of 24 hour Dominican divorces... But, much of their lives has involved sports. They were both athletes growing up. Mom taught me how to play basketball and use to play catch with me. Dad played football and baseball. When they first got married, they had season tickets for hockey and football. Now, they share my season tickets for baseball.

(Yes, it is from them that I've inherited my passion for sports.)

My parents were talking sports this morning. I love that. And I want that. I want to talk sports over eggs and juice with my man. It has worked for my mom for forty years. Why can't it work for me?

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