Saturday, June 28, 2008

In His Wait

My entire life has been spent waiting on the man.

I am not referring to "the man" who keeps you down or Stan the Man. The man I am waiting on is usually just whichever man I am associated with in that aspect of my life in that point in time.

Some days, I am waiting for an answer from a client or a co-worker who is usually a man. And the continuation of my work is dependent on the information I am trying to collect from him. Nearly every relationship I have been in has involved me waiting by the phone or waiting in the car or waiting at the bar. Most of the time I wait for the man to decide where he'd like to go out or what he'd like to do.

Most of my nights are spent waiting for the phone calls from my stalker to begin. And guess what? My stalker is a man! Today I was driving in traffic and I was anxious to get to the highway to start my journey to Kansas City. The car in front of me was all over the road and every stop was prolonged. If I switched lanes, the car in front of me would do the same. I waited for an opportunity to pass. I waited and waited and FINALLY a window opened. And that's when I discovered the car behind which I waited so long to begin my journey westward was driven by a man.

Since I was a little girl, I have been waiting for a man to sweep me off my feet. I realize now that, being the big girl that I am, most guys won't be able to physically handle that task. But there is still a part of me "secretly" waiting for my prince to arrive. In fact, I have put much of my life on hold because I want to experience certain things with the man of my dreams. But I've been waiting a long time.

Most of my life has been spent waiting on the man. The ones I don't want won't get out of my way and the one I've dreamt of seems to be running late.

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